The TexPlus Foundation is a cooperation between six front-runners in the field of circular textiles in the province of Overijssel. From collection to processing and the manufacture of end products; the entire supply chain is represented in the foundation. The objective of the TexPlus Foundation is to connect the industry from collection to recycling. This is done by stimulating the reuse of textile products and using innovative techniques to recycle non-reusable textile products to the highest possible quality, whereby the market is actively involved in the development and application of recycled textile materials.

There are various regions in the Netherlands with both a history and a future around textiles, fashion and clothing. These include Twente, Tilburg, Arnhem and Amsterdam, each with their own distinctive focus: high-grade recycling, industrial clothing, design and business. Various parties in the Twente region are for instance working on the development and application of new recycling methods. The idea arose to develop these four regions ambitiously and with the prospect of high-grade recycling technologies into Circular Textile Valleys in which existing and new companies, knowledge institutions and regional authorities will jointly focus on circular textile recycling and production. The Transition Team and Modint propose to start these valleys in Twente, by realising a first development and pilot production capacity that designers and brands (producers) can use to develop and produce pilot collections in a circular way, both in fashion (B2B) and in workwear (B2B)

Dutch Circular Textile Valley

National Transition Agenda for Consumer Goods (2018)